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Our [stretch] kits for individuals

Bedouin stretch tents are expandable tents that can be set up very quickly and elegantly. They are designed to provide a spacious and versatile indoor shelter and are perfect for occasions such as weddings, festivals, parties and sporting events.


Highly resistant to weathering and tearing, they are also quick and easy to install. They have good insulation and ventilation, are easy to clean and maintain, and are available in a variety of sizes and colors.

Basic material

Our stretch tents are delivered with all the necessary assembly material: eucalyptus poles, steel stakes, cables, carabiners, assembly tarp and of course the stretch tent itself.

vs. Arbors

A stretch tent is generally more expensive than an arbor, but it is larger and more robust. The stretch tents are very stable and offer good protection against the weather.


We offer you a kit for a 5 x 7 meter tent. This size allows for a seated dinner for about twenty people or to accommodate thirty people for a garden party... in short, it is only limited by your imagination.


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